Yaaksy Apologises On His New Song


Yaaksy is working to drop a new album scheduled for September and a new single titled “One Day” is dropping on the 25th of April 2016, gearing up for the release of the Second single off the yet to be titled album. So far Yaaksy is the only active artiste on the roster following the retirement of our frontman Hkon and the career Hiatus of Rikky.


“One Day” is an apologetic song, regretting mistakes made and how to get her back into your life again as clearly stated in the first verse. “Girl i wanna appologise for yelling at you and for hurting you”. Hkon’s comment on the song justifies the whole message saying “It is one of those records where you put on replay all day because of the strong message and how everybody can relate to it, probably everybody in a relationship must have gone or is going through the same thing”. The BRL executive also feels its an opportunity to unite with your loved one, “It’s a chance for you to actually speak up and make things right because theres a certain way music triggers emotion especially when it actually speaks exactly of your situation”.BRL Muzik is known for its great contents and songwriting approach which sets it apart from other labels. The lyrics is commercially fit and the content also speaks for itself. Anticipate “One Day”.

FIRE!!!! Castro N Tector Drops Another Smash ft Hkon Titled “Heartbroken”


Castro N Tector are creating a lot of buzz lately with there new video which boasts of over 1500 downloads in just a day and now they followed it up with another controversial song “Heartbroken”. Bringing the controversial Hkon who recently quit music on the hook, though he said we might still hear him on collaborations but not his own records. “I hate you, I hate you” says Tector referring to a girl in anger and that definately makes the song a special one. Get the song here; DOWNLOAD

Hkon (@iamhkon) Releases New Single Teaser “Still The One” @xsem1 @ibjika @mykebou @pekcheman


Hkon is gearing up for his new album release and had so far released three hit singles to support that, “You Know”, “Addicted”, and “My Girl”. With the success of those records, Hkon decides to drop another single titled “Still The One” as the fourth single off the E.N.D album and it seems like it has that hit potential too. Check the short video below


MUST SEE!!: TOP 10 ADAMAWA CELEBS WITH THE LARGEST SOCIAL MEDIA FOLLOWING @yolatrend @gossipthinz @lolipopjamz @brlmuzik

Checkout if your favorite celeb made the list….

10: TINO
The hardworking rapper grabs the number 10 spot with a twitter following of about 243. Follow him @tino_elcasino
The famous dj’s huge twitter following of about 291 guarantees him the 9th position. Follow him @its_djnaff
The fast rising video director, promoter claims the 8th position with about 305 twitter following. That’s huge. Follow him @ibjika
7: OSE
The famous video director has a twitter of about 392 and that buys him the number 7 spot. He deserves it. Follow him @galacticos_ceo
YNB ceo is famous in his hometown Yola South with his widely known YNB label is no suprise. Palee has a twitter following of about 395. Follow him @s_palee_ynb
Rapper, singer suprisingly grabs the 5th spot with a huge twitter following of about 477. Follow him @elzzdeen
The singer, songwriter large twitter following of about 504 gives him the 4th spot. Follow him @kay_flames
We all know extol now and he deserves the third spot with a huge twitter following of about 782. Follow him @iamextol
The EDM/R&B singer has been making waves around and his music is appreciated all over, with a large facebook page likes of about 752 and a twitter following of about 321 guarantees him the second spot. Follow him @mykebou
The Famous R&B singer has the largest social media following in the state, with over 1600 combined. On facebook alone he boasts of about 713 and twitter following of about 816 puts him upfront. Follow him @iamhkon

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