@Iamhkon And His Coursemates Are About To Change The World. See…

Our one and only Hkon has to turned from music to helping humanity. With the records and legacies he left for artistes coming up, Hkon is trying to promote peaceful co-existence through his new campaign #IAmABeliever.

The #IAmABeliever campaign aims to let people see themselves first as humans, and acknowledge that their belief systems are only one of themany aspects of their identities. With this we hope to foster peaceful co-existence among people with diverse beliefs.

Let us support Hkon and his team in changing the world for good by sharing the hashtag #IAmABeliever and also liking their page on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @Iamabelieveraun


The BRL MUZIK new act is about to shock the world claimed by the label’s CEO Hkon. We all know whatever BRL brings accross is gold so we should fold our hands and see what Kruz is to offer especially when Hkon the hook king himself is featured on it. Anticipate Yung and Restless by Kruz ft Hkon 23/09/2016.

FIRE!!!! Castro N Tector Drops Another Smash ft Hkon Titled “Heartbroken”


Castro N Tector are creating a lot of buzz lately with there new video which boasts of over 1500 downloads in just a day and now they followed it up with another controversial song “Heartbroken”. Bringing the controversial Hkon who recently quit music on the hook, though he said we might still hear him on collaborations but not his own records. “I hate you, I hate you” says Tector referring to a girl in anger and that definately makes the song a special one. Get the song here; DOWNLOAD

Hkon (@iamhkon) Releases New Single Teaser “Still The One” @xsem1 @ibjika @mykebou @pekcheman


Hkon is gearing up for his new album release and had so far released three hit singles to support that, “You Know”, “Addicted”, and “My Girl”. With the success of those records, Hkon decides to drop another single titled “Still The One” as the fourth single off the E.N.D album and it seems like it has that hit potential too. Check the short video below


WoW Check and See What Hkon Had To Say About His Upcoming Album. Cool

Hkon’s statement about his much anticipated album, here is what he says, “The E.N.D album is kind of different from
all my other works; it shows a lot of growth. It’s
actually defining who I am as a person because I
changed a lot. I’ve grown as a person, so it kind of
put me in a place now where even my records are
kind of reflecting what I want to be remembered
for. It’s on a whole other level and I’m so excited
about it, it’s one of those records where anyone can
hear it without me having to give my clean version
of it, haha!”
First single off the E.N.D album titled “You Know”
download free below

Ohh Nooo So Sadd!! HKON (@iamhkon) Quitting Music… check and see why? @jabshow360 @shakida_records @ibjika @mykebou @yolatrend

Hafiz Saleh also known as Hkon submitted his sophomore album today for approval. BRL MUZIK/SHAKIDA RECORDS executives approved it for production and the super talented producer Tklex to head the album production. The album is titled E.N.D meaning Effort Never Dies. Hkon reveals that this could be his last album speaking at the private meeting ‘ I want to focus more on other things and that’s the reason why am fully committed to this project, just to make it perfect and be able to keep my fans satisfied for a while. I’m titling this album E. N. D and end means effort never dies, it also marks the end of my musical journey cos i need to do other things now. Shakida Records CEO Nafiu Rabiu says the album is dropping in december and three singles are coming out to support the album. NEW SINGLE CALLED “My Girl” to drop on 14th SEP 2014 #ANTICIPATE and follow Hkon on twitter @iamhkon
Hkon Debut album was a huge success
With over 55000 downloads making him the most successful Internet artist in the North Eastern region. BRL MUZIK was founded by Hkon in 2011 as a digital label and it serves as shakida’s promotional arm. Goto http://www.audiomack.com/artist/hkon to download his previous hits

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