Must Read!! Things You Didn’t Know About Hkon!

Even though the legendary Hkon is quite musically, it’s worth celebrating him. When he first came out with his first single in March 2011, it was a struggle. “Music wasn’t what it is today when I started” Hkon adds relaxing on an armchair in his sitting room. He further added. “I remember when I recorded my first single, Jreal was working on a video at that time and he was kinda showing us the concept. I remember bumping into Big Delymo a lot in the studio working on his second album. So it was only us.” 

Hkon started at a time when music was even hard to put out and being an artist was a struggle. “Music wasn’t easy to promote at that moment cos not everybody had a phone. The only way was handing out CDs outta your backpack.” Recounting his early days he further admits, “My second single “Sex In The Air” featuring Mykebou was rejected by radio and it was that situation that got me focused. I started making music that made sense.” 

Perhaps was a long journey for Hkon as an artist and also to put out his music to the world. “That was when I started my label BRL Muzik as a digital label”. He added, “We started the whole digital thing in the state. That was how Shakida Records got attached to us and we got behind most of their artists notably Icent and MX. So most people don’t know but BRL came and changed the game.”

It is true Hkon has contributed a lot in the development of music in Northeastern Nigeria, which earns him tons of recognition both locally and internationally. In 2015 Facebook verified his official account with a blue badge, making him the first artist in North Eastern Nigeria to earn that recognition. Also he is recognized by Wikipedia. Hkon had achieved a lot and we can go on and on.But ultimately as he celebrate his birthday let’s take a time out to remember his contribution to music and understand his role in providing the platform artists of today are upon today.

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