Hkon Speaks Up: “Why I Quit Music” @Yolatrend @ibjika @pakcheman @Mykebou


Hkon’s shocking statement last week announcing his retirement from music made headlines with fans wondering why he had to quit when he’s needed the most. Here is what Hkon had to say,


“I know its hard and sad to leave at a time when im needed the most. My fans, friends and family am sorry and want to take this time out to let you know that am going for something a lot better, a lot more positive which also need your support to be accomplished. I am starting a new movement called “Save The Youth Movement” it is about creating awareness on youth violence and drug abuse. I visited some top goverment officials to solicit there support, the likes of former governor Umar Fintiri and the current chief of staff to the governor Alh Abba jimeta.

We always wanted to be in a position where our generation of Africa would be completely different from the average because ultimately we felt that it wasn’t enough action and it wasn’t enough communication. As you follow how things move is the people that run countries, elected officials are there to serve us and we have to be in a position where we can properly communicate whatever our issues are and whatever we dealing with that they can help us overcome. Its a team effort because it is impossible for them to make all the decision without having the communication and having it open enough to where we can clearly understand whatever our faults are, whatever our challenges are and how do we overcome this together.

Save the Youth Movement want to leave a foot print in the development of the youth moving forward. we try to create a communication channel between the younger generation and the elders to put them in a position where they can create resources for themselves and build their own future. The youth is an asset to building the world.

We always wanted our leaders to look back and say hey, here is a better life for you, this what’s available to you, utilize this in a light to where it benefits you. if we they all think that way then its easier to grow it up. So the movement is built on these principles. keep on supporting us and we will make you proud.

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