Climate Change Could Erase 50 Years of Health Advances, Report Says


Climate change may have a bigger impact on our health than we think. According to new research by an international team of researchers published in the journal The Lancet, climate change poses a potentially “catastrophic risk” to public health due to increased risk of the spread of disease, food insecurity and air pollution, among many other things.

“When climate change is framed as a health issue, rather than purely as an environmental, economic, or technological challenge, it becomes clear that we are facing a predicament that strikes at the heart of humanity,” wrote Lancet editor Richard Horton and Lancet Asia editor Helena Hui Wang in a comment also published with the study. “Health puts a human face on what can sometimes seem to be a distant threat.”

Some of the health risks posed by climate change are more obvious, according to the report; extreme weather events like hurricanes, blizzards…

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