The trouble with Nigerians @Richard

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Ever since the deceased iconic novelist, Chinua Achebe, wrote the little monograph entitled The Trouble with Nigeria, it has become fashionable to blame Nigerian leaders for all the hydra-headed manmade problems of the country. Indeed, he was unsparing in his acerbic criticisms of respected politicians, including Nnamdi Azikiwe and Obafemi Awolowo, for errors of judgment as political leaders.

Largely, Achebe was right: since independence, and more tellingly from 1970 onwards, soldiers and politicians with bulimic appetite for primitive accumulation have misgoverned Nigeria. It is estimated that the country has made up to half a trillion dollars from crude oil since it was discovered in Oloibiri in 1958. Unfortunately, the bulk of the funds have been stolen, to the extent that official corruption is now a way of life among members of the ruling elite.

Still, I believe that “The Trouble with Nigerians” is a more apposite caption than the…

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