Why Women Masturbate More Than Men. 92% Women Prefers Self-Lovin

FujiiPOP Online Magazine


Masturbation women are not often discussed, and in most cases, its always a no go area. But facts has it that almost 92% of women masturbate on regular bases direcly, while the remaining ones either lie about it or do it indirectly. However, it has been proven that all women masturbate so madly.

Just like periods, female masturbation is one of those topics that are met with beet-red blushing, awkward silence or a fit of giggles. But the reality is that loving yourself really isn’t all that a crime. And this new, eye-opening infomation proves it: More women are getting touchy-feely, lovey-dovey with themselves than you probably realize.

So today will take out time to discuss masturbation as its associated to the woman.

1. More Women Masturbate Than You Think.
Okay, I know this may sound strange to most people, facts remain that more women prefers self-loving than one can ever imagine…

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