WOW HKON (@iamhkon) REVEALS E.N.D ALBUM TRACK LIST. cc @yolatrend @ibjika @gossipthinz

Anticipation is high and fans are patiently waiting for the bomb to drop. Hkon’s sophomore album titled E.N.D is no doubt dropping this year, with a single already doing well out there is sure a sign that the album is finally coming.
1. My Mama
2. I Love U
3. My Girl
4. Addicted 2 Ur Love (To Be Released)
5. Repent Tonight
6. You Know (Released)
7. End ft Yaaksy
8. Time ft Rikky
9. Walk away
10. Echo ft Mx
The lead single off the album was released in september titled You Know and had so far garnered over 2000 downloads. Download
Check out what he previously said about the album.
“The E.N.D album is kind of different from
all my other works; it shows a lot of growth. It’s
actually defining who I am as a person because I
changed a lot. I’ve grown as a person, so it kind of
put me in a place now where even my records are
kind of reflecting what I want to be remembered
for. It’s on a whole other level and I’m so excited
about it, it’s one of those records where anyone can
hear it without me having to give my clean version
of it, haha!”
The album is scheduled for December 20th.
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