American R&B and hip hop recoding artist
Rose to prominence with release of “Locked Up”
Second album ‘Konvicted’ received three Grammy nominations
Music artist Akon in an interview with TMZ recently revealed his views about the marriage of Jay Z and Beyonce and his scathing comments have some fans and entertainment observers wondering if the artist is going to suffer a backlash from those in the entertainment community. 

He stated that he feels the ‘secretive’ nature of the Jay-Z/Beyonce union has made it feel to fans and people such as himself as if it is a corporate merger, a business partnership and not an actual relationship. 
It is one thing for fans to be passing judgment on the personal lives of entertainers who understand that the moment they become celebrities they start to live their lives under a microscope as fans generally want to know every detail of their lives because they are living an existence that for many is something they dream about. However, for another entertainer to start criticizing through the press the relationship of another celebrity, in particular a couple as powerful as Jay Z and Beyonce is generally considered off-limits because entertainers generally have a rule that such actions are ‘not acceptable’ or ‘not cool’. 

Jay Z is renowned throughout the music industry to answering criticisms of himself with his music lyrics and he and Beyonce have shown in the past that when criticized they come back fighting. Neither one of these entertainers is known for ‘turning the other cheek’ when it comes to criticism.
Social media music observers have noted that it is very likely Akon can ‘kiss goodbye’ any Jay Z or Beyonce features on his upcoming album but don’t be surprised if Jay Z also decides to address the comments in a verse or two while on tour. 
Will Akon’s comments about Jay Z and Beyonce be ignored or will the couple respond has become a question and one that has put Akon into the spotlight but one wonders if it is a spotlight he is going to enjoy because Jay Z is renowned for having a short fuse and a very, very long memory. 

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