Impeachment saga: I will not resign as Adamawa Governor via @brlmuzik


L-R: GOV. Babangida Aliyu of Niger; Chief of Defense
Staff, Air Chief Marshal Alex Badeh AND GOV. Murtala
Nyako of Adamawa.
Embattled governor of Adamawa State, Murtala Nyako
has said that he was not making any plan to resign from
office despite the ongoing plot by the state House of
Assembly to impeach him.
Nyako further avowed that he may seek Jonathan’s
intervention in the ongoing moves by the state House of
Assembly to remove him from office at the appropriate
According to Nyako, the President would likely wade
into the matter since the state has always been there for
the President.
Nyako made this disclosure yesterday at the presidential
villa in Abuja where he attended the inauguration of the
steering committee of the Safe Schools Initiative
inaugurated by the president.
Speaking with newsmen, Nyako said, “Not yet. It has not
reached that crisis point. We have supported him all this
time; he has supported us and in situations like these,
when Mr. President’s support is required, we will seek
Asked if he might likely resign, he said he was not
considering that yet, even as he said his chances of
surviving the ongoing impeachment proceedings in the
state were bright.
“Well, it is in the court and the court said it was not well
done. We are hoping that if they want to do it, they will
do it following the normal process in whatever they
want to do,” Nyako stated, just as he claimed that the
state was calm and peaceful.
On whether some former Heads of State had spoken to
the President on his behalf, the governor said, “That
would be excellent”.
Asked to give insight into the root cause of the crisis,
he said:” Adamawa is a very interesting place. If I tell
you we have 87 ethnic groups and the two religions are
fairly balanced, it means that being sensitive to each
and everyone of us is very important.
“It is a place of intellectualism; everybody has his own
point of view and you have a group of people who share
a certain point of view. And until it changes, they will
maintain that point of view. But we have been peaceful
somehow and we will remain peaceful”, he pledged.
Asked if he may defect back to the Peoples Democratic
Party (PDP), Nyako said, “Quite frankly, you know how I
joined the PDP and partisan politics in the first place. It
is not really my field. My field is known. You know what
I was before. We are straightforward; have two
distinctions: loyalty and disloyalty; two separate pieces.
“But one of the politicians told me that there are a lot of
things in between loyalty and disloyalty which up till
this moment, I have not appreciated. So, for me,
disloyalty with this type of attitude with Nigerian
politics of today, you are likely to step on toes of a few,”
he added.

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