K*Ners & Damon Albarn (Gorillaz/Blur) ‘Clint Eastwood’ @K_Ners @ReelMeRecords @ParkStreetPR



Bristol rapper K*Ners has really been making noise lately with a string of solid videos & singles from his forthcoming album ‘V.O.T.C (Voice Of The City)’ on the well respected Reel Me Records. Last week K*Ners was asked to attend Damon Albarn’s sound check by 3D from Massive Attack because they needed a rapper to perform on the Gorillaz ‘Clint Eastwood’ track. They obviously liked what they heard so Bristol’s number one jumped on the show and shut the place down! After such an exceptional reaction they asked him to perform in Portsmouth the next day as well as being told they want K*Ners to be involved in their UK tour when they get back from their US tour.

Also dont forget to grab the brand new single from K*Ners ‘Watch You’…

K*Ners – Watch You (MP3 Purchase Link)

K*Ners – Watch You / Mama Pt 2 #Video


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